Hiring the right team at the right time is invaluable for the success of growing scale-ups. We are experts in the organisational design and hiring of finance teams that balance the experience and skills of CFOs pre-IPO.

We typically support companies on their scale up journeys from Series B/C through to exit, whether that be through IPO, trade sale or acquisition by financial sponsor.


There is a vast array of roles that organisations looking to IPO need to consider when upscaling their finance teams. Here are some examples of the positions we have advised on to support founder teams on their way to exit.

Portfolio Director
Investor Relations
Director of External Reporting
VP Acquisitions
Chief Capital/ Risk Officer
Head of Finance/ VP Finance/ Deputy CFO
  • Management due diligence on the existing  finance team ensuring they “build from strength”

  • Hire an experienced CFO to set up fundamental finance functions 

  • The majority of companies that reach unicorn status hire their “exit” CFOs between series B and C
  • Build out a finance team to compliment the CFOs abilities and to balance finance focus into both capital raising and setting up operations to prepare the company for scaling
  • Continual organizational design – hiring appropriate expertise at each step on the route to an IPO. Technical experts plus commercial finance capabilities

  • Balance experience of CFO with supporting finance executives to support the company through growth

  • International/regional hires
  • Prepare finance team at least 18 months before exit considering experience and skills of sitting CFO 

  • Hire experience general counsel and CAO to prepare for exit

  • Team ensures compliance with SEC reporting and International Accounting standards such as SOX, IFRS, US GAAP
  • Further team expansion incorporating possibly Corporate Development, Investor Relations and data/BI capabilities