We help CFOs find their career-defining role.

We’re big champions of CFOs and the transformational impact they can have on a business. Our job is to find the best opportunities in the market for our community of standout finance talent.

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Trusted by the best in tech.

Our job is to help more CFOs achieve their full potential.

  • We have access to a high calibre of opportunities in industry-leading organisations.

    CFOs know that Altima work with some of the most exciting technology companies around the world, which are backed by leading investors.

  • We have deep expertise in placing CFOs in the tech sector.

    We have spent over two decades decoding the CFO role and the different skills, experience and characteristics a person needs to succeed in high-growth tech.

  • We're with our CFO candidates, every step of the way.

    We support candidates through each stage of the process from interview preparation, compensation negotiation, and ongoing advice once in-post.

“I've had the pleasure of dealing with various people at Altima over the last few years. The thing that has always stood out is the excellent people there, the quality of their network and their ability to match great roles at great companies. ”

Daniel Jenks

CFO at Not on the High Street

“In my experience, Altima is one of the few CFO search agencies in Europe that can provide consistently high-quality opportunities within high-growth VC-backed companies. The team are extremely professional, pleasant and exceptionally good at what they do. ”

Martin Hulsman


"The Altima team had been in touch with me several times over the past years. It was because of this relationship, that they knew the opportunity at Remote would be a good fit for me. They were very supportive and knowledgeable throughout the process, from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to other senior Finance professionals."


CFO at Remote

"I built a great relationship with Altima over a couple of years before considering any new roles. When they approached me with the Sedna position, they had listened to what I was looking for and found me a great opportunity. I was thinking about moving back into a CFO role in a scale-up and didn’t want to get that transition wrong. This is Altima’s sweet spot, so I valued their advice and the fact that they didn’t pressure me to accept a role that wasn’t the right fit for me."

Robert Scott

CFO at Sedna

"It's been a pleasure working with Altima from the outset. Their personal touch is key in building the trust and relationship, and then taking global best practices for partnering with the best VC-backed companies in Europe stand them apart. I have continued to be engaged with them in varying speaker and publication capacities due to the strong connection built from the beginning."

Billy Morris

CFO at Genesis

I worked with Altima finding my CFO role at HeyJobs. While finding my next career opportunity, I was also making a big decision to relocate to a new country. The Altima team was very supportive and communicative, ensuring I had all the information I needed to make a balanced decision. Three years on, I can happily say it was one of the better decisions and career moves, so thank you to the Altima team for your help.

Edvar Heylen

CFO at HeyJobs

We’re building the tech industry’s most diverse CFO community.

  • CFO events and networking dinners

    We host a range of events throughout the year giving senior finance leaders the opportunity to meet their peers and discuss important topics affecting the CFO landscape.

  • CFO community conversations

    We connect our community via a Slack channel, where members can continue the conversation in between our scheduled events.

  • Finance talent mentor network

    For people who are looking to develop within their roles, or even make that step up to CFO, we can connect them with mentors across our network.

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