At Altima our specialism is our strength. We have over 15 years experience moving game-changing CFOs to some of Europe’s most disruptive and successful founder-led scale-ups.

Our deep understanding of the dynamic nature of the CFO role in tech, enables us to work closely with our clients, challenge assumptions and shape a brief that truly addresses the unique demands of their business.

We understand that the type of CFO an organisation requires is determined by a group of confluencing factors including monetisation model, skillsets of the rest of the senior management team, existing finance function, predicted growth journey, and sub-sector of tech.

Our expertise and specialism has enabled us to build an unrivaled CFO network. Ultimately our job is to know every high growth CFO in Europe and North America and crucially, they know us. In a highly competitive talent market where candidates are desensitised to mass approaches, we have access to a unique cohort of global candidates who trust us and our approach. This community know that we advise the top companies, backed by top global investors and they value our understanding of the finance function as the major facilitator of growth.

From seed to IPO

Our experience spans all stages of growth and financing in the tech ecosystem. We understand the changing nature of the CFO role as companies advance in their growth journey and advise founders and investors on the best way to build their senior finance teams.

Venture Capital
Private Equity
Growth Equity

Sector Experience

Our sector experience spans across B2C/ B2B.



We work globally from our offices in London. We have a global presence and an international CFO network. Over the last 15 years we have successfully moved talent across continents, with successful hires of US candidates in Europe and beyond. 

Hiring Methodology

At Altima, we know what it takes for a CFO to succeed in a founder-led environment. 

Our thorough understanding of the talent market paired with leading-edge methodologies, give us a deeper insight into the success potential of a candidate in a specific role, within a specific organisation. 

We have an in-house certified Hogan practitioner, and use psychometric testing on potential hires and senior leadership teams to foresee how a candidate might fit within the wider executive team.

"Altima’s process was remarkable right from the start - the first candidate they showed us was the person I had framed my expectations of the role around and the second was the person we hired. He's a world-class finance leader who has set us on the path for future growth in the US. They're the most impressive search firm I've ever worked with"

Alexander Cardona

"We met Altima at a time of phenomenal growth when we needed a world class CFO to support our journey. From the start, we were taken by their responsiveness, their smart process and the depth of their market knowledge. Running an international search in a competitive market with relocation from the US in the midst of a pandemic was not easy, and Altima's contribution was invaluable. With a solid framework in place and very clear and open communication channels, we moved at an extraordinary pace with an outstanding hire."

Eugene Danilkis
Co-Founder & CEO