WeTransfer offers a platform which allows users to send and share large files around the world quickly and easily. The business was seeking an experienced CFO with the skills and experience to help continue the business's scalling journey and take them through a significant exit.WeTranfer hired Melissa Nussbaum.

Melissa began her career with PwC in Audit before moving into PwC's Capital Markets team both in Canada and the UK. Melissa moved on to King where she experienced hyper-growth during her tenure, initially as a PwC consultant turned individual contributor, to running the global finance function and teams of 100+. Melissa saw the business through multiple finance systems and processes as they scaled. Melissa played an instrumental role in King’s IPO in 2014, raising $500 million and at a $7Bn valuation.King was subsequently acquired by Activision Blizzard in February 2016 for $6 Billion. Melissa ran the due diligence, IR, numbers PR, and supported around storytelling. Melissa now oversees the finance organisation, scaling up the function to enable hyper growth while preparing the business for a significant exit event.


Melissa Nussbaum




September 2020

Money raised

Series B - C. $63.8M