Personio is the provider of an all-in-one HR Software solution. Personio were looking for a highly strategic CFO with experience of both leading and developing a finance function that would support a rapidly scaling business through its next level of hyper-growth.

Personio hired Birgit Haderer. Birgit had a transactional background having spent nine years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs where she specialised in venture-stage and IPO ready clean tech companies. Prior to joining Personio, Birgit was SVP Finance at Zalando where she led and built out the corporate finance and investor relations teams. During this role, Birgit gained extensive fundraising experience; having coordinated several late stage equity rounds. In 2014, led the €526m IPO. At Personio, Birgit will be tasked with further scaling Personio’s finance, legal and BI departments.


Birgit Haderer




June 2020

Money raised

Series C - C. $129.3M